Monday, December 6, 2010

The New (to me) Cool Thing

I finally broke down and bought a Blu Ray player.  I have been hearing all the hype about streaming Netflix and, like probably half the U.S. population, I have used Netflix in the past to get DVDs.  I did the whole Slingbox thing a long time ago but haven't done much with streaming content since then other than playing with Orb  (when it was free and young) on my smartphone.  I have to say I am very amazed at what Netflix has done with streaming media.  If it were up to me I would never use another DVD again.  It is a great service with some content limits right now, but it really is pretty amazing.  Obviously there are licensing issues to work out to get more recent content for streaming, but I have read Netflix is working on that.  Wonder service and I cannot wait to get it on my Android device.  Let's hope that's soon!!  I'm tempted to buy a Roku XD for the bedroom, too.

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