Sunday, January 23, 2011

Managing Your Social Presence

There are so many different social sites to share information (blogs, facebook, twitter, buzz, etc.), but it's really a pain to update them all with things you think others may care about.  There are also different audiences that may care about different types of information.  I've personally settled on three information channels - blog, twitter, and facebook:

  1. My facebook friends are mainly people I went to school with and likely don't care much about software, cell phones, techie articles, etc.  I don't post often to facebook, but when I do it's something pretty casual and more personal.
  2. Twitter on the other hand has become one of my primary news sources.  It's also where I interact with people I usually don't know and I post more technical topics or just things I find interesting.  Also, it's a great avenue to post my little 140 character comment or reaffirm something someone has posted (the infamous retweet).
  3. Lastly, my blog is more of an information capturing mechanism where I write about what's on my mind so I can go back later and remember what I found/did.  It's basically the "dumping ground" for something interesting I've found and think others may care to read.  It takes more thought and time to post on the blog so it's usually something that's left an impression or I think could be helpful.
Now the question is how to manage the different sources.  Currently (no doubt this could change anytime), my approach is this:
  1. Use TweetDeck on Android to post to twitter, facebook, or both when applicable.  It's as easy as selecting one or both in the app.
  2. I subscribe to RSS feeds using Google Reader.  This is where I get a lot of funny and techie/cell phone related information.  When I find an article I like, I simply click "share".
  3. I use Google's Blogspot for my blog which has widgets to automatically show my shared content from Google Reader and my tweets.  I add those widgets to my blog and never really think about it again.
To tie everything together I use Twitterfeed.  It monitors the RSS feed of my Google Reader shared items and posts them to twitter.  It also monitors my blog and posts that to twitter.  If you like, Twitterfeed can post to the same (or a subset) to facebook.  I'm not very active on facebook and since those folks probably don't care so much about the latest cell phone update, I personally haven't hooked facebook into Twitterfeed but it's easy to do.

I know it sounds a little confusing, but in reality it's not that complicated.  I use a couple of main information sources and can easily share across one or all of the main social sites without even thinking about it.

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